Rio de Janeiro Cinemas

WOW, what a difference! Rio de Janeiro is home to a large selection of cinemas, catering for movie fanatics of all genres.

Some of the multiplexes like Kinoplex are constructed alongside shopping malls, so various other activities can be included within your cinema outing.

While there are many theatres that showcase up to 15 films at a time, some single screen theatres still survive, which display rare documentaries and Brazilian art house films.

Cinemark – Plaza Shopping

A Part of Cinemark Theatres chain has eight screens and a shopping mall. Mainly shows latest Hollywood and Brazilian movies. Movie halls are in stadium format with armchairs and coasters, Love Seats. Avenue Plaza is a mall where you are offered different services for your comfort such as, family bathroom, diapering, loan strollers, wheelchairs and a modern medical clinic.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 7 screens
Films: First run movies

Cinemark – Carioca Shopping

A multiplex with eight screens and a shopping mall offering almost everything to the visitors. Both 2D and 3D screens are equipped with newest technology projectors, access to disabled people, Dolby sound and comfortable seats.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 8 screens
Films: First run Hollywood films

Cinemark Downtown

A huge Cinema theatre with twelve screens. Cinemark is the largest network of movie theaters in Brazil, having its presence since 1997. It offers special promotional tickets for all sessions on Mondays. Has a special gaming zone with XD rooms.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 12 screens
Films: First run Hollywood and Brazilian films

Cinema Bay Market

Theater in the Niteroi district of Rio shows latest American and Brazilian movies. Four screens with total capacity of 976 seats with all modern amenities.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 4 screens
Films: First run Hollywood and Brazilian films

Unibanco Arteplex

Six cinema halls having total seating capacity of 954 people. Features one 3D screen, disabled Access – ramps and railings, digital surround sound and a 3D Dolby Digital.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 6 screens
Films: First run Brazilian films and sometimes Hollywood films
Address: Praia de Botafogo, 316, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2559 8750

São Luiz Kinoplex

Belongs to the group Severiano Ribeiro, has 4 screens, one is with 3D facility. One of the oldest movie theaters in Brazil which started in mid 20’s. Shows blockbusters films, both domestic and foreign.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 4 screens
Films: First run Hollywood films
Address: Rua do Catete, 307 Largo do Machado, Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2461 2461

Cine Roxy

Cine Roxy is more than 75 years old cinema hall has three screens. It shows the major releases from Hollywood and new releases from Brazil. It also holds musical and theatrical performances.

Number of Screens: Three screens
Films: First run Hollywood and Brazilian films

Cine Estação Laura Alvim

A charming cultural center, having a panoramic view of Ipanema beach. It has two theaters and an art gallery. Mainly shows Hollywood art films as well classic films.

Number of Screens: Three screens
Films: Classics and Hollywood art films

Cine Rio Sul

First shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro. Rio Sul opened in 1980, a seven storied building with more than 400 stores and seven screens, cafes, pastry shops, food courts and a fitness centre.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 4 screens
Films: First run Hollywood films

Cine Estação Ipanema

Opened in 2000 this cinema hall has one of the highest rates of occupancy in Rio. Has two screens and follows the concept of “Cinema close to home”. Mainly popular among the senior citizens in the area and has a shopping mall offering variety of consumer goods.

Number of Screens: Two screens
Films: Hollywood Art & Classic films

Cine Bauhaus

This theatre is in Petropolis, a district in the west of Rio. It has two screens and shows American movies – not the first run ones, but popular good ones.

Number of Screens: Two screens
Films: Second run Hollywood films.

Cine Arte UFF

Small cinema hall in Rio, that specializes in hosting variety of Brazilian Films. It has only one screen with around 260 seats. The tickets are very cheap especially on Monday and also very much affordable on week days.

Number of Screens: Single screen
Films: Independent Brazilian movies.

Cine Art West Shopping

Cine Art West Shopping mall has six screens with a total seating capacity of 1356 people. This is one of the popular malls in Rio. Mainly shows popular local movies and also English blockbusters from Hollywood.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 6 screens
Films: Shopping mall theatre showing First Run movies

UCI – New York City Center

A multiplex and a shopping centre with elegant interior, having six screens. Mostly shows latest movies of UCI with subtitles in local language. Very fairly priced tickets, comfortable seats and loveseats. It also features famous IMAX with stunning quality screen.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 18 screens
Films: First Run Brazilian and Hollywood films

UCI – Kinoplex Norte Shopping

A huge multiplex with ten screens, with a seating capacity of around 2500 people. Shows both 2D and 3D movies. It shows all latest releases by UCI cinemas. This is the largest shopping centre in Rio de Janeiro and among the top five in Brazil. Also has indoor kart track, an ice skating rink.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 10 screens
Films: First Run movies (part of the UCI chain

Kinoplex Tijuca

A multiplex having 6 screens in all, three showing 2D and other three 3D movies. All types of movies from art films to horror films, social films to adult films are shown here. It also houses a large shopping mall with nearly 300 shops, meeting almost all needs of visitors.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 6 screens
Films: First Run Movies

Kinoplex Nova América

The Shopping mall Nova America with multiplex cinemas Kinoplex – Severiano Ribeiro, on the 1st floor. Features seven screens with 2D and 3D facilities, digital and DTS sound system and cozy chairs. The ticket office opens 30 minutes before the first show of the day. Also a good place for shopping and has nice eateries.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 8 screens
Films: Mix of first run Hollywood and Brazilian films

Kinoplex Leblon

A Multiplex with four screens having very good air conditioning and Dolby Digital and THX system. It provides comfortable access to disabled people. Features grandstand style seats, armchairs with coasters and love seats. Mainly focuses on Hollywood movies.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 4 screens
Films: Hollywood


Kinoplex Fashion Mall Cinema

This Fashion Mall belongs to Kinoplex network which is a part of the Severiano Ribeiro group. A family business house, and the group own several malls in Brazil. The cinemas offer quality sound, image and comfort for customers. Mainly shows blockbuster movies.

Number of Screens: Multiplex 4 screens
Films: Predominantly Hollywood films

Cine Candido Mendes

Located in Ipanema, a small theatre with single single screen and seating capacity of approx 200 people. Mainly shows old American films, of 1970’s and 1980’s. The cinema Candido Mendes is part of the Centro cultural Candido Mendes affiliated to the Eponym university. Sometimes other cultural events such as music, dance are also hosted here.

Number of Screens: Single Screen
Films: Classic Hollywood films, mostly from the 70’s and 80’s.

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