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Rio de Janeiro obviously offers a huge variety of different cuisines throughout the city. There are expensive hotel restaurants where the owners are dedicated to serve wonderful food, but if you are on a budget, check out the more economical restaurants selling out great food at great prices. The main thing at these dining bargains is the amazing, lively and buzzing atmosphere, very rarely offered at big hotels. There are many small cafes and restaurants lined up along the beaches and in the neighbourhoods where the menus are sometimes limited, but the amazing food and friendly face more than make up for it.


Marius Degustare ( Visit Site )

Serving Brazilian cuisine, the meat served at Marius Degustare comes from organically fed cattle. There are 30 different meat dishes available on the menu which includes grilled meat dishes and steaks of all sorts. The restaurant has introduced a separate salad bar with where one can experiment with fresh seafood and veg combos.

Address: Av. Atlantica, 290 - Copacabana Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2104 9000


Porcão Ipanema ( Visit Site )

Porcão Ipanema is a barbecue and steakhouse restaurant serving different kinds of beef, pork, mutton and chicken dishes. Seafood and salads are also available. It has branches all over the world which include cities like New York, Miami and Brazil. This place is a favourite of many celebrities.

Address: R. Barão da Torre, 218 - Ipanema Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 3202 9150


Braz Pizzaria ( Visit Site )

Opened in 2007, Braz is known as the best Pizza restaurant in the neighbourhood. It dishes out delicious pizzas made from the freshest and finest ingredients.

Address: R. Maria Angélica, 129 - Lagoa Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2535 0687


Satyricon ( Visit Site )

Satyricon is famous for grilled seafood served in flavoursome sauces. Try the ‘couvert’ which can turn out to be a whole fulfilling tasty meal. It makes one of the best tiramisus in Rio. On Saturdays, the restaurant also serves a seafood buffet. Businessmen, artists and politicians are frequent diners at this restaurant. Valet parking is available.

Address: R. Barão da Torre, 192 - Ipanema Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2521 0627


Amir ( Visit Site )

Located near the beach, Amir is one of the best authentic Lebanese and Arab restaurants in Rio. It is known for serving tasty platters of hummus, koftes, kibbe, falafel as well as other delicious meats and salads in a relaxing atmosphere.

Address: Rua Ronald de Carvalho, 55C, Copacabana Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2275 5596


Cafe Lamas ( Visit Site )

Cafe Lamas is a centrally air conditioned Barbecue restaurant that serves seafood and steaks. The interiors are traditionally designed, simple yet artistic. One of the oldest restaurants in Rio, it has been a frequented by presidents, writers, actors, poets.

Address: R. Marquês de Abrantes, 18 - Flamengo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2556 0799


Hotel Cipriani Restaurant

Cipriani is a traditional Italian restaurant having some innovative dishes like ‘Carpaccio with classic Cipriani’s sauce’, ‘Eggplant gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce’ and ‘Carlina’s style scampi with rice and curry’, on its menu.
The restaurant is part of Copacabana Palace Hotel. Among its special attractions are the romantically designed interiors with hanging chandeliers and high ceilings and candle light dinners.

Address: Copacabana Palace Hotel Av. Atlântica - Copacabana Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2548 7070


Yoruba ( Visit Page )

Yoruba is a treat for those seeking local culinary adventure. The restaurant serves unusual dishes typical to the Bahian cuisine such as moqueca with shrimp and coconut blend. Moreover, the restaurant presents an incredible atmosphere with candles flickering along with leaves scattered across the ground.

Address: R. Arnaldo Quintela, 94 - Botafogo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2541 9387


Zazá Bistrô Tropical ( Visit Site )

Zazá Bistrô is the first contemporary restaurant in Rio de Janeiro to serve Asian-inspired cuisine, and uses organic nutriments whenever possible.
From Wednesday to Sunday, from 17:00 to 19:00, the bistro works only for drinks, starters and salads. Before and after this time, it is open for lunch (Monday to Friday) and dinner (every day).
Zaza Para Filhotes, a wing of the restaurant, provides children with delicious and healthy party food.

Address: R. Joana Angélica, 40 - Ipanema Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2247 9101


Quadrifoglio ( Visit Site )

Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Rio, the food at Quadrifoglio is really tasty and service is immaculate. Desserts from this restaurant are also very popular. Try the unusual raviolis like the ‘ravioli de maçaaocreme e semente de papoula’ which includes apple ravioli with cream and poppy seed sauce.

Address: R. J J Seabra, 19 - Jardim Botânico Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2294 1433


Siri Mole & Cia ( Visit Site )

Siri Mole & Cia is very popular with the Brazilian young crowd as well as celebrities. It also serves a Lunch Buffet on Saturdays which attracts a lot of customers. Diners visiting this Bahian restaurant should try the moquecas either with coconut milk and cilantro or with prawns, fish or octopus.

Address: R. Francisco Otaviano, 50 - Copacabana Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2267 0894


Da Silva ( Visit Site )

One of the best lunch buffet restaurants in Rio, Da Silva offers Portuguese food salads, seafood and meats as well as many bacalhau dishes. It has another branch at Ipanema.

Address: Av. Graça Aranha, 187 - Centro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2524 1010


Gero Ipanema ( Visit Site )

The first "Carioca" version of Gero opened in 2002 and follows in the successful footsteps of its sister restaurant in São Paulo.

Awarded top prizes in the city’s main culinary and news magazines, the menu is based on Italian recipes passed down through generations, such as baked lamb with potatoes and small artichokes and ravioli stuffed with veal and mushroom sauce.

Designed by Aurelio Martinez Flores, Gero Rio brings the same minimalistic and laid-back ambience to Rio de Janeiro. In a few months, the restaurant became a staple in the city nightlife scene, a mecca for the town’s many musicians, artists and personalities.

Address: Rua Anibal de Mendonça 157 - Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 (21) 2239-8158

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12 - 4:00pm, 7pm - 1:00am; Sat: 12pm - 1:30am; Sun & holidays: 12pm - 12am, Valet parking, All credit cards accepted


Nova Capela

This restaurant has been running since the early 20th century and usually stays open till late offering a variety of musical entertainment. Serving traditional Portuguese dishes, Nova Capela’s specialities include the goat (cabrito).

Address: Av. Mem de Sá, 96 - Centro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2252 6228


Olympe ( Visit Site )

Owned by one of the best chefs in Brazil - Chef Claude Troisgros; Olympe serves many French delicacies, but the menu also includes a mix of French and Brazilian cuisine.

Address: R. Custódio Serrão, 62 - Lagoa Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 2539 4542


Tia Palmira ( Visit Site )

Tia Palmira is a seafood restaurant famous for its crabmeat, grilled fish and shrimp pastries. Do not miss out on the fabulous Cariocas feast, which is served only on the weekends and involves an outside buffet overlooking the beautiful ocean.

Address: Cam do Souza 18 - Barra Guaratiba Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 6703 3738