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Rio de Janeiro Economy



Rio de Janeiro had been a long time capital of Brazil and has therefore attracted a lot attention and investments from profitable companies. Till the end of the 19th century Rio was the richest state in Brazil before Sao Paulo took over. The economy of Rio can be categorized according its working sectors.

Primary Sector:

Rio basically invests a lot in sugar-cane production. It has large plantations in the area of Campos. Production of Oranges too forms a major part of the farming sector. Coffee was once a key industry but due to environmental factors, it has lost its importance. Other food grains are also produced but not in large amounts to be sold on a large scale. Among the livestock industry there are various animal farms all over the city. Fishing of sardines is also a significant part of the Brazilian economy.

Primary Sector:

Industrial Sector:

Rio has attracted many oil companies with the discovery of oil in the Campos basin. There are many international oil companies like Shell, EBX and Esso which have their branches in the city. Not just branches, but many companies have their headquarters situated in Rio. Some of them are telecom corporations like Oi and Embratel.

Rio comes second in the industrial sector and is a foremost financial and service centre. The service sector is dominated by the banking sector which is an active part of the economy. Rio’s stock exchange Bolsa da Valores is the second most dynamic stock market in Brazil.

Industrial Sector:

Tourism Sector:

Tourists, both international and other Brazilian visitors are beneficial in boosting Rio’s economy. The world famous carnivals, beaches and the ecological beauty of Rio attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. The multiculturalism found in Brazil and Rio is rare and therefore the diversity in traditions, lifestyle, and cuisine catches the attention of many. The tropical climate is also one of the main reasons for the increasing tourist influx. The city can be visited any time of the year as the climate, even if hot is bearable.

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