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Thumbnail for Top Hiking Trails for Adventure Seekers From Rio

Top Hiking Trails for Adventure Seekers From Rio

January 21, 2022
Whether you love the outdoors or simply want to get in a workout, Rio de Janeiro offers plenty of options. The natural scenic landscape provides you with plenty of beaches to visit. There are several mountain trails as well, where you can enjoy a more private walking workout. Whatever is your choice, follow through for a healthier start to the New Year!
Thumbnail for Top 5 Casinos in Rio

Top 5 Casinos in Rio

January 03, 2022
Are you planning a trip to Brazil and want to enjoy some casino action? If so, Rio de Janeiro should be on the top of your list. The city is known for its luxurious and unique casino resorts. Lucky for you, we broke down the best gambling destinations in Rio. Scroll down to learn which casinos are a must-see during your trip.
Thumbnail for Discover Rio de Janeiro as a Solo Female Traveller

Discover Rio de Janeiro as a Solo Female Traveller

December 21, 2021
White-sand beaches, rich culture and heritage, that's what one can experience when travelling to Rio de Janeiro. As a solo female traveller, it is thrilling as you start planning an unforgettable trip. There is plenty to discover in the city, and here are some tips for women solo travellers.
Thumbnail for 10 Best Universities In Brazil

10 Best Universities In Brazil

November 30, 2021
It is incredible how far education can take you. You can study in any place you may have desired in the world, for example, Brazil. Whenever I think about Brazil, all that comes to mind is its iconic carnival. Words may not denote how much I would want to experience those festivals. All that color, outlandish costumes, dancing, and singing are extraordinarily breathtaking, and I would not miss out if given the opportunity. Magic does happen in Rio during this season.

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