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10 Best Universities In Brazil

November 30, 2021
It is incredible how far education can take you. You can study in any place you may have desired in the world, for example, Brazil. Whenever I think about Brazil, all that comes to mind is its iconic carnival. Words may not denote how much I would want to experience those festivals. All that color, outlandish costumes, dancing, and singing are extraordinarily breathtaking, and I would not miss out if given the opportunity. Magic does happen in Rio during this season.
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Carnival In Rio De Janeiro

November 29, 2021
The Carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro is a mind-blowing spectacle, touted as the most ostentatious event in the world. This bombastic occasion unites people around the city and extends to all of Brazil. The audience is drawn into a five-day session of merrymaking before the Lent season of the Catholic calendar. This event marks the end of 40 days of fasting before Easter. It is also regarded as a commemoration of the beginning of the hot Brazilian summer. The ceremony is characterized by a huge parade in the Sambadrome.
Thumbnail for A Quiet Vacation at Paraty Near Rio de Janeiro

A Quiet Vacation at Paraty Near Rio de Janeiro

November 22, 2021
Are you craving a quiet vacation where you can stroll around low-lying cobblestone streets? Get ready for a short trip to the charming little town of Paraty near Rio de Janeiro. The beautiful colonial UNESCO town has plenty to offer visitors on the lookout for relaxing activities and adventures. Here are some of the top things to do in Paraty.
Thumbnail for Get a Taste of Rio de Janeiro's Best Comfort Foods

Get a Taste of Rio de Janeiro's Best Comfort Foods

October 26, 2021
Comfort foods bring out a lot of fond memories. When it's Rio de Janeiro, you'll find some of the best comfort foods that can make your mouth water. Rio de Janeiro enjoys a vibrant culture, and the food scene is exotic, flavourful, and fun. Ready to discover some of the best Brazilian foods into your foodie repertoire?

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