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Thumbnail for Discover Rio’s Popular Theatres and Concert Venues

Discover Rio’s Popular Theatres and Concert Venues

November 13, 2018
Known for the scenic sunrise and the colourful neighbourhood, Rio is quite popular among the tourists for being a destination where you get to laze around by the beach. Despite the city’s best tourist attractions, the culture is also what makes the city stand out. Check out some of the city’s best theatres and concert venues that you must attend during your stay in the Brazilian city.
Thumbnail for Brazil’s Long History of Luck and Superstition

Brazil’s Long History of Luck and Superstition

October 29, 2018
Every country has their own take on good and bad luck, but few are as wide-ranging and interesting as that of Brazil. As a nation with strong cultural heritage not just within Rio, but the country as a whole, it was inevitable that there would be a few aspects held as charms of luck, for good or for bad. So read on to get a sense of what you should look out for, and maybe you'll be able to make your next day out all the more fortunate.
Thumbnail for Explore Rio's Pao de Acucar

Explore Rio's Pao de Acucar

October 29, 2018
Rio’s natural landscape is one of the prime reasons for it to become a world known tourist destination. While people are often seen sunbathing and lounging by the beachside, the natural life, and the prominent mountains like the Sugarloaf Mountain sometimes remain unexplored. While you head to this city of Brazil, try taking out the chance to head over to Sugarloaf mountain (Pão de Açúcar).
Thumbnail for Things to do at Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Things to do at Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

October 15, 2018
Famous for its samba, Christ the Redeemer statue and Carnival, Rio de Janeiro attracts in a whole lot of crowd and is quite a popular tourist destination. Leblon in Rio is notorious for its expensive real estate, but that doesn’t stop crowds from flocking in at the beach and bars, grabbing snacks on their way. If you are travelling alone, or want to see the exclusive neighbourhood, then read on to find out all that you can do.

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