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Theatre & Dance in Rio de Janeiro

Theatre and dance in Rio de Janeiro form a dynamic cultural scene. The city boasts numerous theatres and dance studios showcasing a variety of performances, from traditional samba and bossa nova to contemporary and experimental works.

Lona Cultural is the colloquial term used to refer to covered arena theatres dedicated to cultural activities and managed by the Municipal Secretary of Culture in the city.

Santa Teresa and Lapa are lively neighbourhoods with a thriving arts and music scene, offering a taste of Rio's artistic diversity.

Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro (Theatro Municipal)

The Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro is an architectural gem and a cultural icon in the heart of the city. It is renowned for its stunning neoclassical design and hosts a variety of performances, including opera, ballet, concerts, and theatre productions. The theatre's rich history and world-class acoustics make it a cherished venue for both local and international artists.

Address: Praça Floriano, s/n – Cinelândia, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
PD Photo

CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) is a renowned cultural institution in Rio de Janeiro. Housed in a historic building, it offers various activities and events, including exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and theatrical performances. It's a hub for art and culture, providing a platform for established and emerging artists. With its ever-changing calendar of events, CCBB is vital to the city's cultural landscape, fostering creativity and innovation.

Address: Rua 1º de Março 66 Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Centro Cultural Light
Fulviusbsas/CC BY-SA 4.0

Centro Cultural Light

Centro Cultural Light is a cultural centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Housed in a beautifully restored historic building, it offers a range of cultural and educational activities, including art exhibitions and theatre performances.

Address: Av. Marechal Floriano, 168 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Cinema Maison de France Rio de Janeiro

Cinema Maison de France Rio de Janeiro

Cinema Maison de France was opened in the early 50s. It has always remained an important place in Rio de Janeiro's main theatrical events. It is a place that hosts plays, dance performances, concerts, films & seminars.

Address: Avenida Presidente Antônio Carlos, 58. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cidade das Artes
PD Photo/Osmar Carioca

Cidade das Artes

Cidade das Artes is a striking contemporary cultural complex in Rio de Janeiro. It houses various artistic events, including music, dance, theatre, and visual arts performances. The design of the building itself is an architectural marvel. It is the largest concert hall in South America, having state-of-the-art facilities.

Address: Avenue Av. das Américas, 5300 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Teatro Rival

Teatro Rival

Teatro Rival, a historic theatre in Rio de Janeiro, has been a cultural hub since its opening in 1934. Renowned for hosting various performances, including music concerts, theatre, dance, and comedy shows, it continues to contribute to the city's vibrant arts scene.

Address: Rua Álvaro Alvim 33, Centro, 20031-010 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Teatro dos Grandes Atores

Teatro dos Grandes Atores

Situated within the Barra Shopping Square, Teatro dos Grandes Atores stands as one of Rio's premier theatre venues. It attracts internationally acclaimed artists and musicians who host concerts, musicals, and various events. Additionally, the space serves as an excellent choice for hosting parties and celebrations.

Address: Avenue of the Americas 3555, Barra da Tijuca, 22631-003 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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