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Rio de Janeiro Restaurants

Eating out in Rio is not a problem at all. Rio de Janeiro offers a huge variety of cuisines throughout the city. Some local restaurants in Rio offer mouth-watering brazilian food.

There are expensive restaurants where the owners are dedicated to serve wonderful food, but if you are on a budget, then there are many places to eat good food too. Many economical and good restaurants sell great food at great prices. The main thing at these dining bargains is the amazing, lively and buzzing atmosphere, very rarely offered at big hotels.

There are many family restaurants, romantic restaurants, buffet restaurants, steak restaurants offer fine dining options. Small cafes and restaurants lined up along the beaches and in the neighbourhoods where the menus are sometimes limited, but the food the serve is amazing.

Nam Thai

Nam Thai

Specializing in Thai Cuisine from South-east Asia, Nam Thai is known as the best Thai restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. The restaurant received the official seal “Thai Select” from the Thailand government confirming the fidelity of the country's cuisine. Perfect for those who enjoy light and spicy dishes. Tucked in the charming neighbourhood of Leblon, a visit to Nam Thai makes for an authentic culinary treat.

Nam Thai was born in 1998 in order to fill a gap in Thai cuisine in Rio, which did not have any establishment in the genre. Not only did the restaurant fill a gap in the market, but exceeded standards. In 2006, Nam Thai was awarded the “Thai Select Brand” by the Export Promotion Department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade for offering innovative and genuine cuisine. The restaurant was also elected twice by the magazine Exerca, as the best Asian restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, both by popular vote and the jury.

Always searching for novelties and attractions for his clients, the chef Daniel Zisman travels to South-east Asia regularly, bringing fresh creations both from Thailand as well as countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia to the main Nam Thai menu.

With generous portions, the restaurant offers platters to share between two, with special prices for dinners daily. Visitors can't miss the classic Thai serving platter, offering a bit of everything. Try the Bangkok (R$ 120), composed of Himmappon Gai (chicken sautéed with chestnuts, onions, carrots, daikon, shiitake, spring onions and oyster sauce). One of the flagships of the house is the baked sea bass fillet served with lemon sauce, accompanied with perfumed rice, dried prawns and lemon grass leaves.

As an insiders tip- Ask for the dish of the “Restaurant Week festival”; prawns with vegetables and oyster sauce (starter, main course and dessert) that sells for only R$ 41, 90- incredible considering the location and high level of the eatery. With Helio Pellegrino décor accompanied with excellent service, Nam Thai offers both a traditional and cosy atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the restaurant's dessert recommendations: a yoghurt mousse with confit ginger or sweet pumpkin with orange system in a Harumaki tile.

For a tasty Asian delight at a reasonable price, Nam Thai comes highly recommended.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Asian
Opening times: Tues-Fri: 12:00-16:00 & 19:00-01:00 Monday: 19:00-01:00 Saturday: 19:00-01:00 & Sundays: 12:00-22:30
Price: $$$



Part of the famous Fasano Group of Hotel’s, Gero has won several awards and is the favoured venue for socialites, journalists, and high society. Try the restaurant’s Italian specialities like pasta, lamb cutlets stuffed with folie grass and farfalle pasta bow-ties.

The first Rio branch of Gero, inaugarated in 2002, following the success of the Sao Paulo track brother. This award-strewn and beautifully appointed restaurant is frequently cited as the best Italian in Rio. With award-winning cuisine from Rio Show and the magazine Veja Rio, the menu prepared by Rogerio Fesano is based on classic recipes of Italian cuisine.

Choose from wonderful pastas and risottos, as well as excellent fish and meat dishes. Follow the chefs suggestion and try the oven roasted lamb shank with potatoes and alcachofrinhas or the veal and mushroom ravioli. Meat aside, vegetarian options are plentiful, and the tiramisu is a perfect blend of creamy, expresso-laced mascaphone.

Gero, is an excellent option for buisness lunches or romantic culinary treats. The restaurant is the perfect choice for lunch especially given the executive lunch option- for only R$88 one can indulge in a starter, main course and dessert. All accompanied with a high quality winelist including a variety of grapes and nationalities. All served by highly attentive waiters within a sophisticated atmosphere.

Owned by the Italian Fasano chain, the beautiful high-ceilinged, wooden-floor building exhibits the clean, contemporary design that is the Fasano hallmark aswell as becoming a landmark in the night spot with local celebrities being frequented guests. Although the prices are cheap, a visit to Gero makes for a memorable and luxurious dining affair.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Italian
Opening times: Weekdays: 12:00-16:00 & 19:00-01:00 Saturdays: 19:00-01:30 & Sundays: 12:00-00:00
Price: $$$$$



One of the best lunch buffet restaurants in Rio, Da Silva offers Portuguese food, salads, seafood and meats dishes as well as many bacalhau dishes.

Da Silva is already a household name in Rio de Janeiro, with restaurants in the trendiest parts in town; Leblon, Botafogo Shopping, Ipanema and Barra. The restaurant chain is proof that Portuguese cuisine is going from strength to strength in Rio. For those wishing to venture into an a-Kilo, but of great quality, Da Silva offers a gourmet buffet at lunch, paid by weight, and serves a la carte dinner.

For locals who enjoy authentic cuisine, (feijoada bean stews and dover sole) as well as fresh seafood, including Bacalhau (traditional Portuguese codfish), I recommend this restaurant. The restaurant is owned by the same owners as Antiquarius, one of the most acclaimed fine dining restaurants in the city. The general concensus is that Da Silva offers the same quality food as Antiquarius for more affordable prices.

For Portuguese food at it's best, a highly recommended dish is the duck rice served in a generous portion and is a delight. For fish lovers, the restaurant serves countless types of Bacalhau (salted cod), prawn and crayfish risotto. To drink, the restaurant offers several brands of both local and imported beers and fruity caiprinhas.

Portuguese traditional desers such as siricaia (sour cream, condensed milk and eggs gratin) and pastels de nata (cream tarts) from heaven make up the desert menu. With a well-lit and decorated large lounge with a beautiful backdrop of the Botaogo bay, Da Silva offers a delightful dining experience.

Star Rating: 3/5
Cuisine: Local & Portuguese
Opening times: Weekdays & Saturdays: 10:00-22:00 Sundays: 12:00-21:00
Price: $$$



Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Rio, the food at Quadrifoglio is really tasty and service is immaculate. Desserts from this restaurant are also very popular. Try the unusual raviolis like the ‘ravioli de maçaaocreme e semente de papoula’ which includes apple ravioli with cream and poppy seed sauce.

Zazá Bistrô Tropical

Zazá Bistrô Tropical

The restaurant offers Thai, South American and International cuisine. Try their namorado fish fillet served with a purée of banana and palm heart or prawn ravioli served with grilled salmon in a saffron sauce. The Arabian designed restaurant with classy interiors and decadent food make for an enigmatic and romantic evening. It feels like a place from the Arabian nights where everyone sits on the floor on silk pillows for a unique eating experience.

Located on the second block from Ipanema beach, Zaza Bistro is the number one stop for lunch after a morning on Rio's most famous beach. The restaurant is the first contemporary restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, as such it has been succesfully since 1999, offering a streamlined menu of the best tropical cuisine.

After experiences in Sao Paulo and London, chef Lucio Viera returned a year ago as the owner of pavelas. Inspired by his journeys all over the world, in search of interesting scents and flavours, Zaza perfectly embodies the traveller's ethos. A bistro specializing in spices, with the perfect combination of exotic, sweet and sour flavours, the menu enhants all senses. As chefs recommendation, try the boiled egg at low temperature, served with meat concentrated sauce (demi-glace), roasted asparagus, silky mashed potatoes and bacon crumbs to finish (R$ 32.00).

For those wanting to try a bit of everything, the starters and desserts can be ordered in tasting portions. For starters, try the smoked octopus samosas (Indian origin pastels) accompained with a kiwi chutney. For the main, the beetroot tortelloni with goats cheese sauce, toasted almonds and watercress (R$ 59.00) melts in the mouth. If that isn't enough, visitors will be blown away by the selection of inventive desserts. To name a few, Rio pate meets bullet coconut (delicious), tapioca ice-cream, dehydrated orange kin kan and sago soaked in rum (R$ 36.00).

Despite the high level cuisine, the atmosphere is relaxed. With a fairy-tail esque balcony and an interior filled with diverse coloured lanterns and vibrant cushions, the atmosphere makes you feel like you are stepping out of Brazil and into Arabia. There is also a second foor for special dinners.

With inventive and ecclectic tropical dishes and delicious cocktails, a visit to Zaza Tropical Bistro makes for an adventurous dining experience. Perfect for a romantic evening, a girls night out or for all of the family.

Star rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Thai, South American and International
Opening Times:Mondays and Tuesdays 19:30 to 00:30 Wednesdays and Thursdays 12:00 to 00:30 Fridays 12:00 to 1:30; Saturdays 13:00 to 1:30 Sunday 13:00 to 00:30
Contact: (21) 2247-9101

Hotel Cipriani Restaurant

Hotel Cipriani Restaurant

Cipriani is a traditional Italian restaurant having some innovative dishes like ‘Carpaccio with classic Cipriani’s sauce’, ‘Eggplant gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce’ and ‘Carlina’s style scampi with rice and curry’, on its menu.

The restaurant is part of Copacabana Palace Hotel. Among its special attractions are the romantically designed interiors with hanging chandeliers and high ceilings and candle light dinners.

Known as one of the best restaurants in Rio, situated in one, if not the best hotel, the restaurant is named after the finest hotel in Venice, this award-winning eatery offers exceptional Northern Italian cuisine.

In 2013, the Italian chef Luca Orini took over the kitchen next to the Brazilian Felipe Rizzato. Chef Luca Orini's vibrant menu combines the best in Brazilian and Italian ingredients. Innovative dishes sit alongside classic recipes that have been in Ornini's family for generations. The menu is well-balanced-among Chef Luca Ornin's recipes, comes the highly recommended veal scallops with lemon risotto and grana pedano.

Chef's Table

With the restaurant's re-opening in 2011, the novelty was the six-seater Chef's Table-one of the most exclusive fine-dining adventures in Rio. Guests are to follow Chef Ornini as he prepares an array of dishes inspired by the day's freshest ingredients. The special menu is paired with carefully selected wines. A 48-hour notice is required to reserve the chef's table.

With a fine view over the famous hotel pool and classic piano tunes emanating from the luxurious neighbouring bar area, the restaurant offers the perfect setting for a relaxed evening drink before vacating to the dining area. The beautiful décor of Murano vases, oriental lamps with a silk finish and a view of Venice- accompanied with effortless and charming service in the nicest way- really improves the experience.

There are many cheaper restaurants in Rio where you can get an authentic local experience, but for a romantic European restaurant feeling, this is an ideal for a bucket-list classic treat.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Italian, European
Opening Times: Tue. to Sat. 7pm - 12am

Cafe Lamas

Cafe Lamas

A carioca winner. Cafe Lamas is a centrally air-conditioned Barbecue restaurant that serves seafood and steaks. The interior is traditionally designed, with simple yet artistic decor. One of the oldest restaurants in Rio, presidents, writers, actors and poets are only a few of the expansive network of guests that the restaurant attracts.

Since its founding in 1874, Cafe Lamas has always been one of the most famous culinary establishments in Rio de Janeiro. Although the entrance to the restaurant is simple, entering verifies an environment like no other. With a rustic décor and greeted by old-fashioned waiters in white coats, stepping into Cafe Lamas feels like a step back into the Brazilian 70s. The food, perfectly embodies this traditional feel.

Since the early days, with its internationally reknown kitchen, the restaurant became a meeting point for the most interesting gentry in town; intellectuals, politicians, writers, bankers, directors, art expodents and actresses in cinema theatre and television. Many of the restaurant's regulars consider it their second home due to its cosy atmosphere and diligent waiters.

The price, at first glance, may not seem so inviting, with prices being similar to most chic restaurants. That said, with huge Brazilian style portions easily shared between two, food of excellent quality and phenomenal service, the prices become more reasonable. With the best breaded chicken scallops in the city, make sure to ask for the Brazilian manioc flour and plump chips.

Food aside, the restaurant also boasts of an extensive International wine list. With extremely attentive waiters helping to make choices and suggestions, wine, red or white, is the highly recommended. The range of authentic Chilean Reds accompany any meat dish perfectly.

For those who enjoy the simple and traditional things, a visit to Cafe Lamas is a must.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Brazilian, Portuguese
Opening Times: Mon. to Fri. 12pm - 12am
Contact: +55 21 2556-0799



Located near the beach, Amir is one of the best authentic Lebanese and Arab restaurants in Rio. It is known for serving tasty platters of hummus, koftes, kibbe, falafel as well as other delicious meats and salads in a relaxing atmosphere.

The perfect spot for a unique lunch experience just before a Copacabana beach session. Greeted by friendly and attentive hosts, visitors are given the option of either a sun-drenched meal or a Arabic atmosphere with outdoor and indoor dining available. The restaurant is a perfect for both family and couples.

Historically, Amir was formerly known under the name of Candadian Shop a Deili. Through strong passion and dedication, the owners of the Arabic cuisine spoke up. Gradually, they began to emerge a few tables, kibles, esfihas and famous dishes of the day to make up Amir as we know it now.

Today, we can say that Amir Is one of the most traditional Arabic restaurants in Rio. This is as a result of a careful selection of spices and chefs commitment to maintain the quility of their cuisine. During its 16 years, AMIR has won serveral awards and nominations: The Globe-Rio Show: Best Arabic restaurant in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and the Hors Concours Award.

Amir offers a great variety of delicious dishes like rice with lamb, kibe raw, shawarma, falafal sandwuch, hummus and others. Among the suggested dishes is the Lamb Cafta (two skewers; served with lentil rice, chickpea paste and pita), couscous and shavarma, typical Greek bread done in the ratisserie. The food is excellent value for money given the healthy size of portions which can easily be shared between two.

At lunch, you also have the option of eating “a la Carte” or in the form of a buffet whilst enjoying a dance display from talented Labanese women dancers. With it's charming decoration and super fun atmosphere, Amir will make you feel right at home. Amir is the ideal place to celebrate a birthday or simply visit a restaurant which breaks from traditional Brazilian cuisine.

Star Rating: 5/5
Cuisine: Lebanese & Arabic
Contact: +55 21 2275-5596
Opening Times: Sun. to Thu. 12pm - 11pm, Fri. & Sat. 12pm - 12am



An excellent choice for catch of the RJ

Satyricon is famous for grilled seafood served in flavoursome sauces. Try the ‘couvert’ which can turn out to be a whole fulfilling tasty meal. It makes one of the best tiramisus in Rio. On Saturdays, the restaurant also serves a seafood buffet. Businessmen, artists and politicians are frequent diners at this restaurant. Valet parking is available.

Opened in Ipanema in 1981, Satyricon was born trendy. The restaurant is the right place if you're willing to try freshness and quality of genuine Mediterranean cuisine. The magnificent mollusk counter shows what the sea offers on a daily basis. Right at the entrance, there are fish tanks with live lobsters, rock lobsters and mollusks carefully selected by proprietors, Marly and Miro Leopardi. The client has the option of choosing the product as well as how he wants it prepared.

To be named the best in the category, Satyricon has won numerous awards including the Hors-Concours Rio Dining Guide Show 2010. Celebrities such as Madonna, Sting and Mick Jagger are some who have proven and approved the food home. It's not just the delicious seafood which draws in such high-end customers. The atmosphere perfectly embodies the excellence exhibited in cuisine, service and environment.

The charming, elegant and trendy atmosphere is set in a way to make people feel comfortable and at home. With conventional décor, visitors will step out of Rio and into a world of glamour and sophistication. The wine cellar with over 500 labels will perfectly complement any option on the menu. Highlights of the menu are the grilled lobster with lemon rice and king crab. For those who want to sample a bit of each dish, try the “Marenostrum”: a large revolving tray with a mix f seafood. Clients who prefer a vegetarian diet or choose to have meat instead will find delicious pasta, risottos as well as juicy fillets.

The waiters are very professional; always being intent to ensure the excellence of service as well as the quality of what is being served. Given the venue and quality of products, the prices are above average and are somewhat exaggerated with reference to both the wine list and main dishes. Customers will be provided with the “Couvert”-(R$ 34 per person) which includes an assortment of freshly baked bread, roasted vegetables and fish. The appetizers are a pleasant delight but customers should be warned of the little extras they are being charged for.

The restaurant provides a beautiful atmosphere for Business lunches or to celebrate a special date. Satyricon is appropriate for tourists and foreigners, with dollars and euros as their currency. The prices for Brazilians however, are excessive.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Contact: +55 21 2521-0627
Opening Times: Sun. to Thu. 12pm - 12am, Fri. & Sat. 12pm - 1am

Braz Pizzaria

Braz Pizzaria

Opened in 2007, Braz is known as the best Pizza restaurant in the neighbourhood. It dishes out delicious pizzas made from the freshest and finest ingredients.

Known as the most traditional pizza restaurant in town, everything is designed to give you the best and most authentic dining experience to enjoy with both friends and family. Braz Pizzaria makes pizzas the classic Neapolitan way: thin, crispy and baked in a wood-fired oven.

In the art of making pizza- the philosophy “less is more” comes into play. No excesses. This includes the careful selection of ingredients, such as delicious peeled tomatoes imported from Italy with a traditional style hand-rolled dough. A highlight from the menu is the Neapolitan bread which is simply irresistible.

The environment is also true to tradition. The chique white tiled walls, the wooden shelves covered with spices and bottles of wine, the beautifully presented menu and the waiters uniform perfectly resembles the old canteen of the late Braz, the cradle of Italian immigration in Sao Paulo.

Visitors are advised to arrive early to avoid queuing. However, the outside waiting area make it the perfect location to enjoy any wine from the varied wine list or an ice cold chopp (draught beer) before vacating to the main dining area.

Although the pizzas may be on the expensive side, with the impeccable service, quality of ingredients, variety of types, preparation and seasoning, the price begins to seem more reasonable

With the relaxed atmosphere, classic and delicious pizzas to suit all tastes-a visit to Braz pizzeria makes for an ideal evening to enjoy with friends, family and couples.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Italian
Opening Times: Mon. to Sun. 6pm - 10pm
Contact: +55 21 3563-4760

Marius Degustare

Marius Degustare

Serving Brazilian cuisine, the meat served at Marius Degustare comes from organically fed cattle. There are 30 different meat dishes available on the menu which includes grilled meat dishes and steaks of all sorts. The restaurant has introduced a separate salad bar with where one can experiment with fresh seafood and veg combos.

With a rustic-chic atmosphere, the property facing leme beach offers salads, antipasti, cold and more robust dishes such as paella and salmon. The restaurant operates on an all-you-can-eat carvery system with fresh meat, fish and seafood at a fixed price of R$ 170. It includes a cold buffet (fish, oysters, salads, sea carpaccio), hot (bobo, stew, chips, polenta), aphrodisiacs that will stimulate your imagination and a full rotation around the room.

For those who think of packing it in and going home to sleep, the food coma is yet to commence; be aware that meat comes next. With carefully selected cuts derived from an ancient Japanese breed called Wagyu and organic ox. Meat being fed with natural pasture, vitamins, beer and high-calorie food, visitors can be assured that they will be tasting meat of a unique flavour; greater tenderness and juiciness, causing a great sensation to the palate. Considered the best beef in the world, served in the perfect environment.

The programme follows the environmental standards and international reference standards. The kitchen masters of the Maruis Degustare, are inspired by Brazilian and Mediterranean cuisine, exercising the perfect mix of healthy ingrediatents, combining flavour, beauty and seduction of the senses.

It is not only the special cuisine which makes a visit to the restaurant such a spectacular affair. The medieval décor is magical. Steakhouses generally opt for a clean decoration. Marius does the opposite. The atmosphere of the restaurant is unique and unusual using original parts of old vessels amd centennial farms. There is no free space on the ceilings or on the wall. Visitors will feel like vikings, where the room appears to be below sea level, in a large ship, studded with shells and nautical items. Art nouveau furniture, ropes and crockery adorn the place creating a feeling of fantasy.

Although the décor may be considered a bit OTT to some visitors tastes, a visit to the restaurant enables visitors to step out from the leme beach front to a magical medieval haven. With such passion and flare from both the waiters and kitchen staff, visitors are guaranteed an adventurous dining experience.

Star Rating: 5/5
Cuisine: Seafood
Opening Times: Mon. to Sun. 12.30pm - 12am
Contact: +55 21 2275-0652

Cervantes Restaurant

Cervantes Restaurant

A classic in Rio de Janeiro, Cervantes has been serving what many consider the best sandwiches in Rio since 1959. Topped with a slice of pineapple, trust these wild Brazilians when they say “abacaxi” (pineapple) adds a sensational tropical twist. Go hungry as you’ll struggle to finish a portion alone.

Cervantes Cervantes offers more than 30 options of sandwiches; including diverse slowly roasted meats, fish and chicken all accompanied with cheese and a slice of pineapple. A favourite along the Cariocas is the “Pernil” (Gammon steak) along with the Chef’s suggestion: an iced cold chopp (draught beer).

Cervantes sees a rush of punters. Artists, musicians and poets, all make up the interesting list of clientele that the restaurant attracts. Customers should be warned that getting in and out can sometimes be a challenge. Another thing is deciding what to order from the impressive list of options.

With sandwiches that are served quickly and delicious – a visit to Cervantes is almost obligatory in Rio de Janeiro.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Brazilian
Contact: +55 21 2438-1458

Aipo & Aipim Copacabana

Aipo & Aipim Copacabana

The Aipo & Aipim Copacabana is a chic gourmet heaven in Rio that serves delicious Greek cuisine. The special home-cooked kind of food gives this place a comfortable aura. The restaurant also offers a varied buffet of food that includes cakes, pastries, and all kinds of scrumptious Mediterranean foods. Dishes like Escondidinho Aipim with Shrimp and Chicken pot pie are absolute must-try on chef’s recommendations.

Star Rating: 4/5
Cuisine: Brazilian
Opening Times: Mon. to Fri. 11am - 9pm, Sat. & Sun. 11am - 5pm
Contact: +55 21 2255-6285

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