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Rio de Janeiro, known as the marvellous city (“Cidade Maravilhosa”) by the local Cariocas, proudly offers a great and diversified nightlife and parties 24x7. Bars, clubs, restaurants and live music can be found at nearly every nook and corner of the city as well as 5-star hotels.

You can enjoy music from around the world, from native Brazilian music to the latest international numbers. The performance shows are also a great opportunity enjoy Rio’s party culture. Here we provide the best hotspots, highlighting why Rio de Janeiro is one of the coolest places to visit.


Nam Thai

Nam Thai

Specializing in Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine, Nam Thai is known as the best Thai restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. The restaurant received the quality seal "Thai Brand"...

Cafe Lamas

A carioca winner, Cafe Lamas is one of the oldest restaurants in Rio. With a rustic décor and greeted by old-fashioned waiters in white coats, stepping into Cafe Lamas...


Academia da Cachaca

Academia da Cachaca opened in 1985, is famous for Brazilian drink cachaças. The bar offers over 100 types of cachaças and delicious fruity caipirinhas. They also have...

Bar Urca

One of the most charming places in Rio overviewing Guanabara Bay. Urca Bar was founded in 1939 and continues to serve its special Cachaças and amazing seafood fare to guests...

Live Music

Trapiche Gamboa

Opened in 2004, this nightclub is filled with Carioca music lovers who shake the dance floor to the samba rhythm. Since then, it has become very popular for samba de road...

Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium is located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Spread over three floors, the ground floor has a restaurant with antique furniture and decor. The second level...


Vitrinni Lounge

It is an upscale nightclub featuring various music styles like hip-hop, EDM, electronic & sertanejo. Spanning across two floors, Vitrinni Lounge has a dance floor...


Leviano is a Lapa’s prime music venue playing virtually every type of tune imaginable. The upstairs houses a dance floor packed with locals and tourists dancing to everything...

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