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Rio de Janeiro's nightlife and dining scene is legendary. The city comes alive after dark with samba clubs, live music, and beachside parties.

Lapa and Santa Teresa offer a mix of bars and clubs, while the Copacabana and Ipanema neighbourhoods feature sophisticated lounges and upscale restaurants.

The cuisine is diverse, with churrascarias, seafood, and street food like acarajé. Rio de Janeiro caters to almost all tastes, from those seeking energetic samba rhythms to those looking for gourmet delights along the shoreline.


Nam Thai

Nam Thai

Nam Thai is a renowned restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, offering an exceptional Thai dining experience, specialising in Thai...

Cafe Lamas

Cafe Lamas is a historic and iconic restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, cherished for its classic Brazilian cuisine and timeless ambience...


Academia da Cachaca

Academia da Cachaça opened in 1985, is a renowned bar for its extensive selection of cachaça, a Brazilian spirit, and delicious cocktails...

Bar e Restaurante Urca

Bar Urca is a waterfront bar and restaurant in the Urca neighbourhood. It's famous for its stunning views of Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf...

Live Music

Trapiche Gamboa

Trapiche Gamboa is a renowned cultural venue in the historic Gamboa neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium is a renowned nightclub and cultural venue housed in a beautifully decorated antique building. Rio Scenarium...


Vitrinni Lounge Beer

Vitrinni Lounge Beer is an upscale nightclub and entertainment venue in the Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...


Leviano is a popular nightlife spot in the Lapa neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. This multi-level venue offers a diverse and dynamic...

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