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Rio de Janeiro's carnivals are world-famous for their colourful display and vigorous dancers. Also, the annual festivals play a crucial role in understanding Brazilian culture from a more interactive perspective.

Rio de Janeiro has a selection of beautiful art galleries and museums that allow visitors to see and experience the current and historical art forms from around the world, along with Latin American artists.

Brazilians are very friendly and amazing hosts, and tourists are welcomed with supreme warmth and friendliness.


Anita Schwartz

Anita Schwartz

Anita Schwartz, the founder of this gallery, was a well-known name in the Brazilian art scene for many years. Anita Schwartz Art Gallery concentrates on the propagation of Brazilian...

Artur Fidalgo

Artur Fidalgo Gallery shows the most vital contemporary art from different generations and backgrounds. The gallery has held exhibitions by emerging artists such as CamilaSoato, Danilo...


Rio Carnival

The world-famous carnival is celebrated all over Brazil. However, Rio de Janeiro is known as the Carnival capital of the world. The festival starts on Friday and ends on Ash Wednesday....

Festas Juninas

Festas Juninas is a traditional festival celebrated in honour of Saint John. Generally, this festival is celebrated during the winter season in Brazil and the summer season in Europe. The story...


Fort Copacabana

To defend Guanabara bay, Fort Copacabana was built in 1914. The fort houses Museu Histórico do Exército (Army Historial Museum) that acted as Brazil's premier defences against attack...

Museu de Republica

The Catete Palace, which was the seat of the Brazilian government from 1897 to 1960, has witnessed some important political and historical events...



RioCentro Convention & Event Center is the largest exhibition centre in Latin America. The RioCentro hosts national and international events throughout the year...


RB1 Convention Center (or just RB1) is considered one the most state-of-the-art infrastructure to organise events. It offers services such as a modern surveillance system, restaurants, entrance...

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