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The entertainment scene in Rio de Janeiro is vibrant and diverse. The city is famous for its samba and live music, with countless bars and clubs hosting lively performances almost every day. The Carnival is the biggest festival in the world, with its extravagant parades, floats and street parties.

One can also enjoy theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and film festivals happening in the city. For sports enthusiasts, football matches at MaracanĂ£ Stadium are a thrilling experience. The city's pristine beaches and parks offer many activities, while the vibrant nightlife keeps the entertainment going well into the early hours.

Theatre & Dance

Theatro Municipal

Theatro Municipal

The Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro is an architectural gem and a cultural icon in the heart of the city. It is renowned for its stunning...

CCBB – Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) is a renowned cultural institution in Rio de Janeiro. Housed in a historic building, it offers...

Teatro Rival

Teatro Rival, a historic theatre in Rio de Janeiro, has been a cultural hub since its opening in 1934. Renowned for hosting various...



Cinemark is a famous cinema chain in Brazil and operates in over 25 cities. With multiple locations throughout Rio de Janeiro, it screens...

UCI Cinemas

UCI Cinemas is a well-known cinema chain in Rio de Janeiro, providing a contemporary and enjoyable movie-going experience. With multiple...


Kinoplex is a prominent cinema chain in Rio de Janeiro, known for its widespread presence and comfortable movie-watching experience...

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