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Rio de Janeiro’s Popular Things to Do

Credit: Davi Costa/Unsplash

Rio de Janeiro isn’t just known for the natural scenery, the exotic food or the beautiful coastline. This city is rich in culture and history that isn’t known by many tourists or travellers. If you want to learn something new on your trip to this Brazilian city, ditch the scenic sights and book a popular city tour. With the help of local guides, you’ll get to know some interesting facts that will surprise you!

From the Sea!

One unique feature that makes Rio de Janeiro such an attractive tourist destination, is the fact that it is surrounded by the beautiful sea and the near perfect weather. There's a completely different feeling when you are watching the city skyline from the sea without the bustling city traffic. This 2-hour cruise on Guanabara Bay will take you sailing around some of the city's iconic tourist attractions. Simply soak in the sun, enjoy a drink or two while you dip in the sea and get some good pictures!

Attraction Highlights

If you're on a time crunch but want to make the most of your trip to Rio de Janeiro, we recommend reserving a full-day city tour where you will get to see all the city's attraction highlights. Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio Cathedral and even the Corcovado mountain are all scenic sites you will get to see. Don't forget to book in advance as these tours are always booked out.

Jeep Adventure!

Credit: Pxhere

From the city crowds to the quiet solitude of the natural scenery, the Jeep adventure through the Tijuca Rain Forest will be mind-blowing! This half-day tour is a way for you to experience Rio in a new light. You'll be taken hiking through the forest as you spot sloths and monkeys and ride through the dense areas of Tijuca National Park with a guide and an open-top Jeep. Treat yourself to a new way of life and learn about local flora and fauna in Rio de Janeiro.

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