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Top 5 Exciting Things To Do On Your Visit To Rio

Rio De Janeiro
Credit: Flickr / Rafa Bahiense

Stretches of pristine beaches, vibrant culture and the iconic Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) is a treat that awaits you, on your vacation to Rio de Janeiro. Each moment would be packed with spectacular things to do, the sights and the aroma is an experience of a lifetime. Wondering where to begin? Keep reading to find out.

1. Enjoy a Free Walking Tour

Walking Tours In Rio De Janairo
Credit: Flickr / Outdoor Life

The best way to learn about the history of a city is to explore the city on a free walking tour. Vacationers can look out for tour guides wearing yellow shirts waiting near the Municipal Theatre or Cinelandia metro. The free walking tour takes you through the Imperial Palace, Lapa steps, Metropolitan Cathedral, and much more.

2. Tour the Fascinating Petrópolis

Imperial Museum
Credit: Flickr / Jonas de Carvalho

One cannot miss touring Petrópolis (city of Peter), which is an extremely popular winter destination and is situated 65km north of Rio. Tourists must visit the Cathedral of St. Peter, Quitandinha palace and the Imperial Museum, and the Bohemia Brewing Company (the first beer factory ever established in Brazil.)

3. Snack Your Heart Out

Credit: Flickr / ricardo

Are you a Foodie? Then you will love the Brazilian snacks Churrascarias and Feijoada (Portuguese stew dish made of black beans). Also, try Coxinhas (fried mac-n-cheese balls), Brigadeiro (chocolate truffles), Farofa, Feijão Tropeiro, and Açaí.

4. Have Fun Beach-Bumming

Beach in Rio De Janeiro
Credit: Flickr / Edward Zulawski

How about hitting the beach? Rio is blessed with serene beaches like the Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon beach. Spend a luxurious afternoon at the beach, and choose to lounge on a chair (for R$5), indulge in scrumptious foods like churros or grilled cheese, and go beach-bumming or paragliding.

5. Uruguiana - A Must-Visit Shopping-Haven

Uruguaiana in Rio De Janeiro
Credit: Flickr / Luiz Fernando Reis

Rio is a shoppers-delight, and one can find street markets, shopping malls, and exciting flea markets. Visit Uruguiana, where one can shop for souvenirs to clothing at reasonable prices.

To make the most of your dream vacation at Rio de Janeiro, book your flights now. Have the time-of-your-life in Rio and enjoy your vacation.


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Hi Denise, please take a look at this page offering walking tours, food tours, cultural tours.

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