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Top Games to Play While you Travel

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Credit: Pixabay/jackinboxs

Holidaying in an exotic destination like Rio de Janeiro is exciting and you will be full of delight at its many wonders. However, while there is no chance of boredom once you arrive, the process of travelling there can include some slack periods.

These could be when you are journeying by plane or train to your destination or when waiting at the airport or station. Either way, they are the periods when some form of entertainment to keep you amused will make the time pass a lot quicker.

Probably the most popular way for people to occupy their minds during the dull bits of travel is by playing games. This can mean both online and real-world games.

Here is a list of some of the best games that you can enjoy while you are on your way to Rio.


This is a very simple and fun game that will be a perfect time-passer if you are travelling with other people. The idea is to work your way down the alphabet, with each player taking a letter in turn.

When it is your go you will have to identify something around you that has your letter on it. That could be a sign in the road, or the number plate on a car, but it must feature the required letter in the alphabet.

It is a game that can turn everyday travel tedium into a pleasing puzzle.


You might think that it would be difficult to play bingo when travelling, but you would be wrong. There is no need of a bingo hall these days, all that is necessary for online bingo is a Wi-Fi connection.

“Ah, but I have never played it before in my life”, you may be saying to yourself at this point. That doesn’t matter because top providers like Jackpotjoy offer handy guides on how to play online bingo to help first-time players.

Bingo is an exciting and fast-paced game that will make the boring bits of travelling zip by before you know it. It also gives you the chance to win some money for spending when you reach Rio de Janeiro.

Monopoly Deal

This is the travel-friendly version of the famous game. Instead of a cumbersome board, there are just cards.

The idea behind the game is exactly the same as with standard Monopoly – you are trying to build up a set of valuable properties.

However, rather than rolling dice and moving on a board, you do it by picking and discarding playing cards. Games of Monopoly Deal often last just 20 minutes, so it will pass short periods while waiting to catch your plane or train.

Guess the Song

This game will be best suited to people who are travelling in their own cars – as it would drive other passengers crazy! The idea is to either set a Spotify playlist to shuffle or just switch on the car radio and the first person to correctly identify the song that is playing wins the round.

It is a game that will work just as well if you are in Rio and driving to one of its many attractions.

Six Degrees of Separation

If you are a fan of celebrities and pop culture, Six Degrees of Separation will make for a fun and challenging game when travelling. The basic idea of the game is really simple, but it is a lot harder in practice.

You have to pick any two famous people at random and then the goal is try to make a connection between them through a maximum of six other people. It is a test of just how much you know about culture.

Skip Bo

Skip Bo has some features in common with another excellent travel option – UNO – but it is not exactly the same. The basic point of both games is to be the first player to be rid of all of your cards, but Skip Bo sees every player given a ‘draw’ pile of cards.

Then there are four piles called the ‘build’ ones placed in the middle of the play area. You have to try to rid yourself of your own pile of cards while increasing the build piles.


Skull is a picture card game where all of the players get three round-shaped cards that have roses on them and a fourth card that has a skull picture. They are also all given their own game board with two sides to it.

The aim of this game is to take turns at putting your chosen card on top of the game card, with the picture face down. That continues until one of the players challenges, by guessing how many of the rose cards they will turn over before coming to a skull one.

It is a mixture of memory, luck and bravado – as you may need to bluff to win, like poker. That makes it a very tense and exciting travel gaming choice.


Finally, this very straightforward game is just about picking a random word that every other player must finding a rhyme for. Players drop out when they cannot come up with a rhyme or repeat one of the words.

It is a great game for travel because no games equipment is needed to play it.

Try any these games while you wait to reach your Rio dream.

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