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Top International Schools in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Credit: Unsplash/Element5 Digital

Rio de Janeiro is popular for its natural settings, samba, carnival, bossa nova, and Balneario, such as Copacabana, Leblon, and Tijuca. Who doesn’t want to see the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue overseeing the city or experience the bustling streets filled with colorful festivities? Such an environment helps students grow and learn in diverse ways. But what many people don’t know is the popularity of Rio’s education and schools. The city has one of the largest public school networks in the world, with more than 1,000 municipal schools alone. International schools in Rio de Janeiro have attracted many families globally, especially those seeking a multicultural educational environment.

The international schools in Rio are dedicated to high academic standards, multilingual education, and global learning perspectives. We know for a fact that they’re prominent for their ability to integrate international education models, such as the International Baccalaureate, with local Brazilian attributes. This fusion enhances the educational experience and prepares students for a globalized world. Besides, these schools employ educators worldwide who bring a wealth of knowledge and teaching methodologies to the classroom. But the question is, what are some of the top international schools that you can consider in Rio de Janeiro? Like any concerned parent or guardian would ask such a question. We understand that finding the right school for your child is one of the major concerns for many international families when relocating to a new country.

7 Top International Schools in Rio de Janeiro

Here are the top international schools in Rio de Janeiro that you can consider.

1. American School of Rio de Janeiro (EARJ)

EARJ was founded in 1937 and is one of the oldest and most respected colleges in Rio de Janeiro. It offers the American curriculum from Pre-K to 12th grade for all nationalities. The school emphasizes community service and extracurricular activities, and nurtures well-rounded individuals. Instruction is in English, with Portuguese offered as an additional first or foreign language. Other available foreign languages include French and Spanish. EARJ has advanced facilities like modern science labs and art studios, all of which enhance the learning experience.

2. The British School, Rio de Janeiro

If you’re looking for a school that inspires learning through compassion, integrity, and determination, The British School is the one for you. This institution is renowned for its UK-based curriculum and strong focus on developing fluent bilingual students. The school’s history dates back to about 100 years ago, which reflects its longstanding commitment to academic distinction. Their students acquire both Brazilian (Ensino Fundamental and Ensino Médio) and international qualifications such as the IGCSE and the IB Diploma. It has a global enrollment of over 2000 students of more than 60 different nationalities. And what’s more is that graduates are often accepted into prestigious universities worldwide, highlighting the school’s effective education system.

3. Our Lady of Mercy School

Our Lady of Mercy (OLM) is a Catholic American School that offers a warm and safe family atmosphere to students from two to eighteen years of age. What makes it one of the top international schools in Rio de Janeiro? Being a small and inclusive School, their students feel highly cared for and valued. Learners are proud of the school’s excellent academic program, and the support it offers them in their social and emotional learning. Catering to a diverse international community, OLM follows an American curriculum and emphasizes Brazilian culture and Portuguese language studies. It offers a unique blend of local and international educational experiences that prepare students for local and global challenges.

4. Escola Alemã Corcovado - German School Rio de Janeiro

This international school is known for its bilingual (German-Portuguese) program. It follows the German educational system and offers a bilingual space that promotes the encounter between cultures from kindergarten to high school. It provides students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the German language and culture alongside a strong STEM-focused curriculum. Since 1976, the school has held German tests, offering DSD I and II diplomas. Thus, it opens up the possibility of studying in Germany for Brazilian students.

5. Escola Suíço-Brasileira Rio de Janeiro by SIS Swiss International School

This school offers a bilingual curriculum in German and Portuguese and follows the Swiss educational standards. The SIS Swiss International Schools are a group of 17 private day schools in Switzerland, Germany, and Brazil offering continuous education from kindergarten to college. As of 2020, more than 3,700 students were enrolled in the SIS. Its multicultural environment allows students to develop linguistic skills and cultural awareness. In addition to the Brazilian high school certificate and the preparation for the national exam (ENEM), their students have the opportunity to acquire the IB Diploma, qualifying them for admission studies in Brazil or abroad.

6. Colégio Santo Agostinho

While it primarily follows the Brazilian curriculum, this school integrates international elements, particularly in its language and exchange programs. The school aims to transform lives through education that brings people together and empowers them. They do so through our Social Schools, offering free, quality, and humane education in Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. The good thing about this international school in Rio is that it emphasizes ethical and moral values alongside academic achievement to foster a well-rounded education.

7. Rio International School

This school offers various educational content and subject areas to stimulate and leverage students’ learning potential. It follows the American curriculum, based on “Common Core State Standards” and “Virginia State Standards of Learning.” The Brazilian program is approved and fulfills the workload required by “Secretary of Education of the State of Rio de Janeiro.” The school is internationally accredited in education by COGNIA, which is a respectable organization that accredits schools in the United States and South America that meet the guidelines and standards established for American Education. It focuses on creating a globally-minded community of learners, with a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning and international-mindedness.

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Best International Schools in Rio de Janeiro – All-round Review

So, you might be asking yourself, which are the crème de la crème of international schools in Rio? We have done the homework for you. The best institutions attract many international students and boast impressive academic records. Based on such metrics as fees, performance, popularity, language of instruction, and curriculum, the American School of Rio de Janeiro (EARJ), The British School, and Our Lady of Mercy School are the best three international schools in Rio de Janeiro. Those that come close to these encompass Lycée Molière Rio de Janeiro and the International School of Rio de Janeiro. These international institutions provide high-quality education that prepares students for global challenges.

Choose Your Ideal International School

Every parent and student wants to select the right international school in Rio de Janeiro or anywhere else in the world. Who doesn’t want to be associated with the best of the best? That’s why we have researched the top international schools in Rio to make it easy for you to identify the cream of the crop. Just choose one that best fits your preferences, and you’ll be good to go. 

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