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4 Reasons Brazilians Should Spend the Holidays in Europe At Least Once

Christmas market, Frankfurt
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Brazil and Europe aren’t just separated by thousands of miles. The two have different traditions and customs, with cultural differences that can seem stark when first experienced.

However, that’s not to say Brazilians should never visit Europe. Quite the opposite, in fact. In the article below, we’ve listed four reasons why Brazilians should spend the holidays in Europe at least once in their lives.

Enjoy a White Christmas

Brazil is in the southern hemisphere, which means the festive months are the warmest of the year, while the winter months are the coldest. Much of the culture and tradition of the holidays is about snow and cold weather, which can make some residents of the southern hemisphere feel a little bit left out.

If you visit Europe during the holidays, you’ll be heading for some cold weather. While Brazil stays relatively warm throughout the year, temperatures in Europe will plummet during the winter. If you’re lucky enough, you could enjoy a white, snowy Christmas.

However, you need to be prepared for the weather. Make sure you have an appropriate jacket and things like gloves and scarves. Temperatures can be dangerously low; you don’t want to be outside without the proper protection.

Experience a Monarchical Culture

Brazil’s last monarch, Pedro II, was removed from his position by a coup in 1889. The idea of a monarchy is now a thing of the past in Brazil, which is why visiting countries that still have monarchs can be such an interesting experience for Brazilians.

Many European countries have deep-seated cultural beliefs and traditions linked with their monarchies. For example, if you visit Denmark over New Year, you’ll have the chance to hear the Queen’s New Year speech.

This is an incredibly important date on the Danish calendar. Millions across the country tune in to listen to the royal address, and we even see betting and Queen’s New Year speech odds about the topics she might cover.

Try Different Foods

Brazil is home to some fantastic cuisine. However, if you’re a foodie, you’ll no doubt want to get out there and expand your palette.

Widely regarded as the most important culinary region on earth, Europe is the epicentre of much of the food we know and love. If you visit over the holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy some truly fantastic winter foods.

Visit Scotland at New Year's to sample some shortbread and steak pie. You could also travel to Denmark and try some traditional boiled cod. Served with a delicious mustard sauce, it’s much better than it sounds!

Hop From Country to Country

There is a lot to see and do in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro. However, if you decide to visit Europe over the holidays, the sheer volume of options available to you will leave you reeling.

Europe is a relatively small region, especially when compared to South America. Lots of countries are packed tightly together, almost all of which are connected by extensive networks of road and rail.

This means you will not be tied down to one location. Instead, you can hop from country to country with ease, experiencing a wide range of different cultures and holiday traditions. For example, you could celebrate Christmas by visiting a traditional market in Germany, before hopping on a train and bringing in the New Year in Rome.


As you can see from the points we’ve outlined above, there are plenty of reasons why Brazilians should spend the holidays in Europe at least once. Doing so will give you the chance to enjoy a white Christmas and experience a monarchical culture. You’ll be able to hop from country to country, trying different foods and meeting different types of people.

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