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Brazilian Quirkiness That Shock First-time Visitors

Credit: Pixy
Heading for Brazil? Take a look at these small things that set the Brazilians apart from the rest of the world.

1) Touchy-Feely

Brazilians are known to be touchy-feely, be it with friends or complete strangers. They may stand a bit too close to you while talking which can be uncomfortable. Greetings also start with kisses sometimes three of them, so don’t feel awkward it is the culture of these friendly people.

2) Don’t Touch Your Food with hands

Say a tray of finger foods in front of you like hamburgers, pizzas or sandwiches, do not touch it ever with your bare hand as it is considered rude, instead use a napkin to hold. Even if you say your hands are freshly washed, you must follow the procedure.

3) Noise Everywhere

The Brazilians like their noise. Chattering, Singing, honks, whistles, noise – whatever you may call, it happens everywhere. Don’t grumble, just enjoy.

4) PDA

The lovers in Brazil show their affection to their partners almost openly. You can regularly see couples kissing and making out on the streets, in schools, on buses and the thing is no one seems to care. It’s a great cultural shock for people from conservative countries.

5) The “thumbs-up.”

The sign of ‘thumbs up’ may be a universal sign of affirmation; Brazilians use it in many different ways. It can mean anything from “yes,” to “I agree,” to “awesome”.

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