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Social Etiquettes in Rio de Janeiro

47th wedding anniversary roses
Credit: Pxhere
The society in Rio de Janeiro is a multi-cultural one, and the people here are welcoming, easy-going and warm. In order to help you blend in better with the Brazilian people, take a look at our list of basic social and business etiquettes.
1) If you are invited for dinner to a Brazilians house, then it is polite to bring a bunch of flowers, or a small gift to the hostess. Orchid flowers are the most preferred ones, but avoid the ones in purple colour. However, if you forget to bring a gift, flower delivery on the next day is always acceptable.

2) Do not give anyone handkerchiefs as a gift as they are associated with funerals; also avoid anything in purple or black.

3) It is a fashion to arrive late, therefore apart from business-related meetings you can appear at your own time.

4) Brazilians like to make small talk even while making business deals, it helps to build trust between them.
Credit: Pixy
5) The Brazilians are friendly and warm people and may greet each other with affection if you are not sure how to address the person just respond in the way they address or greet you.

6) Always remember to wash your hands before eating and never touch any foodstuff with bare hands, always use a fork or knife or even a tissue paper.

7) Do keep in mind that, if you are short of conversation ideas, then discuss soccer or family life.

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