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Casino Wagering Requirements: A Quick Guide

Online gambling
Credit: Pxfuel

Online casinos offer many bonuses to players. There is a Welcome Bonus, a Deposit Bonus, a No Deposit Bonus, and many more. These bonuses come in many forms like real cash, free spins, or free credits.

Casinos offer attractive bonuses to draw new players and maintain the loyalty of the regulars. Bonuses increase on some sites can affect the payrolls of players significantly, which increases their chances of winning. In some cases, a bonus like free spins can win you the jackpot if you are lucky enough: you invest nothing, and you win the jackpot!

How to meet wagering requirements?

There are two ways by which you can meet wagering requirements. The first is with your winnings. Take the above example in the wagering requirements calculator section. The requirement you have to cover is $120. You won $500 in that casino session, and you want to withdraw your win money. So, you have to wager $120 from that $500 before you can withdraw.

There is another way to cover the wagering terms, and that method is used when no monetary deposit has been made from players. Like when availing of no deposit bonuses and free spins. In such cases, game contribution percentages of some games come into play.

Game contribution percentage

Certain casino games contribute a percentage of your wager towards covering your wagering terms. For example, a game states that 30% of your wager will cover your wagering requisite. You wager $20 in that game, so 30/100 x $20 = $6 will go towards covering your wagering requisite.

Popular games and their game contribution percentages

  • Slots- 100%
  • Roulette- 10%
  • Blackjack- 10%
  • Other table games- 5%

Wagering requirements on free spins

The wagering requisite on free spins are calculated using the winnings. For example, you win $100 from a slot machine after expending your free spins. Let us consider the 35x wagering requirement. So, the amount players have to wager before withdrawing is $100 x 35x = $3500.

Wagering requirements are wholly under the jurisdiction of the casino authorities. Which bonus will have wagering terms, which games qualify for game contribution, and the game contribution percentages dependent on the casino's decisions. So the method for meeting wagering requirements will differ across casinos.

How to beat wagering requirements?

You have already seen how a wagering requirement can dampen your excitement after winning. You register at an online casino, avail of a casino bonus, receive the bonus, use it to play games, and win a huge amount of money as a result.

It is natural to be excited about this outcome. Still, when you are about to withdraw the win amount, you notice in the “Terms and conditions” page of the online casino that the bonus you availed of had a 35x wagering requirement.

Suppose your deposit amount is $100, and the casino bonus is 100% of your deposit amount. It means that the bonus amount is 100/100 x $100 = $100. The online casino's terms and conditions state that a 35x wagering requirement will accompany a bonus on the deposit amount. So, you have to wager 35 x ($100 + $100) = $7000 before you can withdraw any winnings.

After playing a few games, you see that your total win amount is $10,000. You decide you have had enough and proceed to withdraw the money. But the bonus wagering requirements have to be met, and you can only withdraw $10000-$7000 = $3000 to your bank account. It is truly heartbreaking to see that your total disposable amount is only $3000 even after winning $10,000.

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