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5 Ways to Experience the Famous Rio Carnival

man in colourful costum
Credit: Pexels/Emanuel Tadeu

Rio de Janeiro is an iconic tourist destination that boasts beautiful weather, sandy white beaches, iconic city attractions and lush Brazilian nature. Whether you’re driving or taking a flight, Christ the Redeemer is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Rio. What about the amazing Carnival?! If you’re interested in the local party scene, we recommend checking out how to make the most of your time during the festive season!

Don’t worry about your outfits!

The Rio Carnival is most definitely the best in the world, and if you’re lucky enough to participate then you might have to consider what you wear. While some enthusiasts go all out planning for their accessories and outfits a few months in advance; you don’t have to put pressure for decking up! It’s all about enjoying & taking it all in especially if it’s your first time.

rio carnival
Credit: Pixabay/AlbertoBrazil

Grab a Samba show ticket

You cannot visit the Rio Carnival and not plan a day to experience the samba show or visit the Sambadrone. While tickets can be hard to get, try to see at least once for the full experience. It’s a half-mile-long concrete structure that is used as a parade ground by Samba schools. There’s dancing, judging and even a King & Queen moment!

Beware of pickpocketing

Large crowds definitely are a favourite among pickpocketers no matter where you live! Whether you are a tourist or a carnival enthusiast, practice carrying only the essential things and keep an eye on your valuables. If possible, a small fanny pack is also an option you can try.

Book a luxury accommodation

The one time where we recommend actually treating yourself is where you’re staying in Rio de Janeiro! The main reason for that is safety and security, but another reason is that staying in the party neighbourhoods gives you quicker access to some fun parades around town. Booking during Carnival season can be expensive, but it will help you enjoy the scenic views & the crowd even from a distance!

Watch where you travel alone!

If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro alone during the Carnival season, we recommend staying alert and cautious during your time outdoors. Keep an eye on your drinks, don’t wander around the unsafe neighbourhoods at night and always check in with friends & family regarding where you go and what parties you attend.

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