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Exciting Autumn Activities to Enjoy in Rio

Credit: Unsplash/Milos Hajder

Did you know that Rio de Janeiro has some of the most beautiful natural gardens & national parks? This well-located Brazilian city not only has beautiful weather but also has some of the most scenic shoreline views! While it can be tempting to head to Rio during the summer and stay all day at the beach, we recommend some amazing autumn activities you can enjoy in Rio from April to June. It’s less crowded and a fantastic time to snag the best deals & discounts when you plan your trip!

Check Out the Quirky Sights

Every city has its unique charm or special spots that are popular within the city. It can be alleyways with local graffiti or amazing murals created by Brazilian artists. You can also check out Selarón Steps in the Lapa neighbourhood. Colourful, unique and a significant city landmark, there are plenty more spots like this one to check out and grab a picture for the 'Gram!

Enjoy Brazilian Comfort Food

In our opinion, the best way to truly explore a city is through the local food. The rich seafood cuisine comes from Rio's beautiful location close to the sea. Besides the International dishes, there is the classic feijoada, kibe, coxinha and even the world-famous Açai bowl. From fresh antioxidant-filled fruits to protein-rich meals, there is so much to choose from!

Copacabana beach, Rio
Credit: Pexels/Pablo Melo

Visit the Brazilian Outdoors

When you visit Rio de Janeiro you'll fall in love with one or both of these things- the beach and nature. From the lush green national parks to the well-manicured local botanical gardens, there is so much flora & fauna you get to see. This is the perfect time to book private tours with the family; whether it is in the city or on a cruise. We recommend you try hang gliding to get stunning aerial views of the city.

Learn about the City Culture

While the weather starts to get chilly as temperatures drop down, you can make the most of this time exploring Rio indoors. There are plenty of local museums and galleries that have cultural events and exhibitions which will spark your curiosity. You'll get a chance to learn about the city and even find interest in the local art and artists. It's time to get to the heart of the city!

Spend Time at a Bookstore

As the weather gets cloudy, one of our favourite autumn activities is to enjoy being cosy. Whether it's at home watching a movie while preparing a feast for the family, or at a local bookstore or library, you have so many choices. Libraries often are free or at a minimal cost, so you can spend a cloudy day learning about Rio or books written by local authors on a budget. Win-win!

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