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Spend a day at the Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Credit: Joshua Woroniecki/Unsplash

Rio de Janeiro has stunning natural parks, beautiful historic attractions and of course, the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. While attractions, the city nightlife and the delicious seafood cuisine are a part of what makes Rio so attractive, there’s so much more! The scenic coastal views from the local beaches have a charm of their own- so make sure to take time off to spend the entire day by the beach in Rio!

Rio de Janeiro has approximately close to 100 beaches with nearly 83km of beach coastline. It's no wonder the locals & tourists here love the sea and the sand! Aside from Copacabana Beach or Ipanema Beach, several other neighbourhoods within the city have beaches with different views. From adult-only beaches where you might not find a lifeguard or sharp waves with jutting rocks, to family-friendly beaches where there will be plenty of local & tourist kids to play with, the choices are endless.

Most of the beaches in the city of Rio have proximity to local restaurants or cafes and bars where you can stop by for a cool drink or a refreshing meal after some water sports activities. There are also some options if you want to enjoy food from small stalls or street vendors. Beaches are also an excellent place where you can satisfy your retail therapy. It might not be high-end designer goods, but you're sure to find locally made goodies that might be an excellent souvenir. 
Credit: Pxhere
While Rio de Janeiro has close to perfect weather all year round, we recommend checking the season before indulging in a plunge in the sea. Autumn and wintertime are not necessarily comfortable temperatures if you're looking to spend the day in the water, but perfect for enjoying beach volleyball or just a picnic on the sand. Summer, on the other hand, is where you'll find locals and tourists out in the water sailing, surfing or swimming.

Ditch the long crowds at the local landmarks and instead just sit on the beach, watch the people, play with the sand and be a kid again! It's time to enjoy the simple pleasures!

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