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Copacabana Beach – the most beautiful place on the earth!!

Copacabana Beach
Credit: MaxPixel
Copacabana Beach is probably the most famous stretch of sand in the world. Stretching for about 5Kms with the towering Sugarloaf in the backdrop, it is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
When tourists think of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana is one of the first things on their mind.

How to reach:
It is located in the neighbourhood of Copacabana in the Southern Zone of Rio. The beach lies between the Fort Duque de Caxias to the north and Fort Copacabana to the south. It is half an hour drive from the international airport in Rio de Janeiro. The area is served by a dense metro network of over 40 routes, making the beach accessible from all parts of Rio.

The ideal time to visit:
Rio de Janeiro is blessed with warm weather and sunshine all year round. You can visit literally any time of the year and still find the perfect weather for beach-going. Personally, I think the best time would be around the New Year. The Rio fireworks show, on New Year’s Eve, is one of the biggest in the world and the beach itself is filled with people from all over the world celebrating the New Year.
Things to do in Copacabana:
The beach has something on offer for everyone. One can just sit and relax and watch the beach life unfold, also getting a nice tan in the process. The side pavement bordering the beach has a beautiful black and white wave pattern and is lined up with cafés. Tourists can spend time strolling around the beach using the pavement, sipping Caipirinha (Brazil’s national drink) along the way. Although one must take note that the vendors will hassle you a lot as you walk along the pavement and it may prove to be quite irritating.

If you like some adventure, there are plenty of water sports on offer. Activities like surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and a banana boat ride are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Beach volleyball is the most popular activities on the beach. One can find players ranging from amateurs to world champions and Olympians. No matter what your skill level, you can always find some group to blend in.

Where to stay:
Rio de Janeiro hotels are notorious for being very expensive. It’s difficult to find a good cheap place to say. The best places to stay are the beach facing hotels along with Avenue Atlantica. Some of the notable ones are Copacabana Palace hotel, Belmond palace, Porto bay, Windsor Excelsior. These places are expensive and if you are a budget traveller its best to look for places away from the beach.

Is Copacabana safe?:
Rio de Janeiro is notorious for its high crime rate and the Copacabana beach is no exception. There are many instances, of locals and tourists alike, robbed by showing a knife. Thus it is best advised to stay in well-lit and crowded areas on the beach. Also, don’t lose sight of your valuables during all times.

Recently as the city is hosting the world up and the Olympics games, security has been stepped up. A police car is visible at every other block making the neighbourhood lot safer. Still, one must be careful and aware.

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