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Stunning Beaches in Rio

Copacabana Beach
Credit: Pixabay
Rio de Janeiro can be considered as the beach and party capital of the world, and to establish this further, take a look at some of the finest beaches in Rio, that will have you run straight away for your bikinis and sunshades.

1) Ipanema

When it comes to beaches in Rio de Janeiro, the first beach that comes into the picture is the gorgeous Ipanema. Located in the posh and upscale neighbourhood, this beach is the place where you will see well-toned and tanned bodies everywhere. Just grab a cold drink from the beach-vendors and enjoy the activities.

2) Copacabana Beach

Another hot favourite amongst the beach-goers is the Copacabana beach which is especially loved by the locals. A great place to play football and other beach sports, the Copacabana beach is also known to be the destination for one of the biggest New Year Parties in the world.

3) Arpoador

Situated right between the Copacabana and Ipanema, lies the less busy Arpoador beach, which is easily overlooked by many. And for this very reason, it is a haven for the surfers, who enjoy their sport to their heart's content with the mighty waves.

4) Leme

The Leme beach is generally considered as simply the continuation of the Copacabana beach and is named so due to its rock that resembles a ship’s rudder. The Leme beach offers some dazzling sights at the sunset and is also a favourite spot for the local fishermen.

5) Barra da Tijuca

The Barra beach is the longest beach in Rio with 18km of sandy bliss. The beach is quiet during the week, and one can enjoy endless hours of lazing in the sun and relaxing. Water sports and surfing are quiet all the rage during the weekends.

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