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Exotic drinks in Rio de Janeiro

refreshing drink
Credit: Pixabay
Everybody deserves a refreshing drink in the sweltering heat of the tropics. The city of Rio de Janeiro is famous for everything colourful and exotic, presenting here are some of the refreshing concoctions that will remain on your tongues for a long time and in your hearts forever.

1) Mamao-Kiwi

A popular beverage made from papaya and kiwi fruit. The rich sweet and sour flavour and thick consistency will even satisfy your hunger.

2) Cajú

Imagine how much better a drink made from cashews will be, the Cajú is made from cashew nuts and tastes exactly the same. Perfect to enjoy a glass, after a hectic day in Rio.

3) Acerola

The acerolas are small berries that resemble cherries and are bittersweet to taste. These berries are amazingly healthy and are also believed to be the reason behind the admirable bodies of the Brazilians.

4) Caldo de Cana

This means simple freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. The sugar cane is just pressed into a machine and voila, pure and unprocessed juice is here for your consumption. It is a must-try, as it also helps in detoxification.

5) Açaí

And the last but certainly not the least is the Açaí, another wonder berry, which is full of antioxidants and also tastes yummy. The drink is made by mixing the fruit with guarana and the end result is so thick that it has to be consumed with a spoon.

You might get these drinks in some of the restaurants in Rio for sure.

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