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Oktoberfest in Rio de Janeiro

Credit: Pexels
The Oktoberfest is the world's oldest and also the largest beer festival. Originated in Germany this festival has migrated to all parts of the world and is usually celebrated for 15 or 18 days.

In the early nineteenth century, many people migrated from Germany to Brazil bringing with them their cultures and traditions as well, the Oktoberfest in Rio is one such tradition.

fairground rides
Credit: Pxhere

The beer festival is a chance to taste fine beers and wines and it also brings together beers and other alcoholic beverages from all over the globe. This event also features traditional German food and performances, folk dances, costume parades and traditional music. The event is mostly famous for celebrating some of Germany's great traditions. German games like saw two ends with an axe, the Viking battle, tug of war and the wheelbarrow are enjoyed by the visitors. But this event is not just for the grown-ups, little kids can also enjoy activities and games as well.

Credit: Pxhere

The people in the city of Rio enjoy beers a lot and more and more breweries, homebrewers and microbreweries are coming up. The Oktoberfest is also a great platform to taste the wines and beers from local as well as distant brewers.

Location: Parque Almiro Grings, Rua Arlindo Geis, 255 – Centro 20000, Rio de Janeiro.

Date: October 14, 2016, to October 23 2016.

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