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Olympics 2016

Rio is Getting Ready for 2016 Summer Olympics

Parque Olímpico Rio
Credit: Miriam Jeske / CC BY 3.0 BR

All Eyes on Rio as Brazil Prepares for Olympics
The 2016 Summer Olympics is officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, but sports fans everywhere known the event simply as Rio 2016. This year’s Summer Olympics, which will span from August 5 to 21, will be a record-setting event, with more athletes representing their countries (including newcomers Kosovo and South Sudan), more sports (including rugby sevens and golf), and more medals.

Now, with the inclusion of golf in the popular event, the spotlight is being put on the sport. Read more here to get your basic information regarding the sport.
Apart from the Summer Olympics Rio, which is Brazil’s second-largest city, will also host events at 33 venues, while other locales include Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, and the capital, Brasília. The theme of Rio 2016 is “Live your Passion.”
Hard Work in Brazil Ahead of Rio 2016

In preparation for the Olympic Games, the Brazilian government has invested many millions of dollars in the infrastructure needed to support such a huge event, including a major upgrade to Rio’s mass transport system. In the works are renovations to existing sports venues, as well as the construction of many new stadia in which the events will be held. In addition, preparations are focused on Barra da Tijuca, where the Olympic Village can be found, and work is furiously underway to complete the metro extension that is needed to connect the Olympic Park to the rest of the city. This complex system is slated to transport more than 300,000 people a day, and it aims to ease traffic issues in the sprawling city of Rio.

Some of the venues that will see the games in action:
  • Maracanã Stadium: This is the largest venue at the games in terms of seating capacity. The Estádio do Maracanã can hold close to 75,000 spectators, and it will host the Olympic Games opening, the closing ceremonies, and the football finals.
  • Estádio Olímpico João Havelange: the site of Rio 2016’s exciting athletic events
  • Maria Lenk Aquatic Center: where swimming, diving, and water polo will be contested
  • Copacabana Beach: will be home to marathon swimming as well as triathlon events. Copacabana Stadium, a temporary facility, will host the beach volleyball events.
  • HSBC Arena (also known as the Rio Olympics Arena): this venue will accommodate basketball and gymnastics events.

As part of the preparations, close to 50 test events were held around the city of Rio, at 26 venues, and organisers were pleased with the results. The test events were a vital rehearsal exercise for over 2,000 staff and 8,000 volunteers who are set to work during the games. Just as important, to accommodate incoming air traffic, the city opened the South Pier of Terminal 2 at Galeão/Tom Jobim International Airport, a 100,000-square-meter area that includes 26 boarding gates. In the works, as well, is the revitalization of Rio’s waterfront through a project called Porto Maravilha. The ambitious project will benefit the city long after the Olympic torch is extinguished, and it includes 700 km of public networks for water supply, electricity, gas and telecom; 70 km of roads; 17 km of bike paths; and three sanitation treatment plants.

Sports Betting on Rio 2016 Will be Lively

Around the world, sports bettors will be preparing for Rio 2016 by choosing the best online sports betting sites, such as William Hill Online. Olympic betting on UK venues is bound to be lively as enthusiastic online gamblers follow their favourite athletes and countries at the world’s greatest sporting event, Rio 2016.

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