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4 Ways to be a Little Safer When You're Travelling

Credit: PxHere

When we look at the life and style of travel bloggers and Instagram influencers, we see beautiful images, incredible food and breathtaking memories being made in that exact moment. But what we don't see is all the hard work that goes on in the background, everything from the itinerary, to the lighting, the budget and the other part that no one seems to talk about: safety.

Keeping safe whilst you're travelling is a huge aspect of any adventure. It's true that incidents are rare, but it's better to be safe than sorry. And being prepared for things like potential street scams and pickpockets to ensuring your accommodation is safe and staying safe on a night out will ensure that you can enjoy your travel adventures to the full.

The main goal of any traveller is to have fun, make memories and take lots of photos along the way - check out hello canvas for some stunning ways to display your photography - so read on for 4 safety tips that will hopefully make your travel adventures run smoothly.

Your accommodation

Whether you're in a hostel, an Airbnb or a hotel, when you're travelling your accommodation serves as not just somewhere you sleep, but it's also somewhere you can relax, reset and feel safe. So, when you arrive for the first time, make a few simple checks. Ensure that the door closes and locks properly. And the same applies to the windows as well. If your room has patio doors that lead to a balcony, make sure that the balcony is safe and that the doors also lock securely. Never open your hotel room door to anyone, even if they say they work there. If in doubt, call down to reception.

Extra tip: Many travellers take a small plastic doorstop with them, so their door cannot be moved from the other side even if someone has a key.

Credit: Pixabay

Don't be an easy target

Dress like a local to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. Always be respectful of local customs and cultures. Otherwise, you could be a target for pickpockets or a street scam. Always walk with purpose and try not to look lost (even if you are!) if you need assistance, head into a shop or café. Never follow anyone down a side street - even if they say they need help or have promised you cheap tickets etc. - stick to public places at all times.

Personal information

Information such as where you're staying, how long for, if you're on your own, your name and other pieces of personal information shouldn't be shared with anyone. Even with that cute couple, you met at the beach. That's not to say you can't trust anyone - you'll want to make friends of course - but exercise common sense and only meet in public places. Never invite them to your accommodation or go with them to theirs.

Hide your money

From sewing secret pockets inside your clothes to keeping some in your shoe and hiding the rest in your backpack. Spread your money out evenly and in various places so you'll always have a backup.

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