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Celebrate New Year in Rio

Lake of Annecy festival
Credit: Semnoz / CC BY-SA 3.0

As the clock strikes 12 o’clock, hundreds of glittering fireworks erupt into the sky as the onlookers are overjoyed and awe-struck with the display.

Rio de Janeiro is an ever pulsating city, but it comes out in its full grandeur at the time of the New Year.

Millions of people flock around the beaches to enjoy their New Year’s Eve, champagne bottles are popped open, and people are literally immersed in merrymaking. Traditionally, in Brazil people celebrate New Year’s Eve by wearing white outfits, as it is believed it will bring good luck for the next year. Many people also offer flowers to the sea, in the evening as a homage to Yemanja, the goddess of the seas, and if your flower does not come back, then the prayers are believed to be accepted.

New Year’s Eve in Rio starts officially at 7 pm and the music ranging from Brazilian pop songs, rock acts, samba and electronic music are played indulging in everybody’s taste of music.

To enjoy the unending parties and the festive atmosphere, just keep following few things in mind:

1) Book your accommodations days in advance if you want to avoid the last-minute hassle that could dampen your fun.

2) Strictly no valuables on the beach.

3) Stick with your group no matter what, as there are roughly 2 million people on the beach, and you don’t want to get lost.

4) Get down on the beach early, to secure a good place for some amazing views of the fireworks.

5) Bring your own food and drinks as it is not very unusual in Rio to encounter some potentially dangerous crowds who can get you drugged.

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