Dynamic Tours in Rio de Janeiro with Real Rio Tours

Rio Tours
Rio Tours

Rio de Janeiro is a city that inspires. Whether you’re visiting to take in some of the world’s most legendary views, sizzling nightlife, or vibrant culture, Rio is unforgettable.

Real Rio Tours is dedicated to showing guests the very best of Rio de Janeiro. Based on the simple philosophy that we all deserve to have inspiring traveling experiences, Real Rio strive to create tours that are informative, creative, and fun for their guests. With Real Rio Tours, you’ll see all that Rio has to offer – from iconic monuments like Christ the Redeemer to lesser-known, local favorites you won’t find in any travel book.

All of Real Rio’s tour guides are knowledgeable, seasoned Cariocas, united by their passion for their amazing city. Real Rio guides are committed to excellence, and helping to make your Rio experience mesmerizing and unforgettable.

One thought on “Dynamic Tours in Rio de Janeiro with Real Rio Tours”

  1. I would like to suggest a short trip trought Guanabara bay, to know Paquetá island, a very charming, safe, simple and quiet place 1 hour by ship from downtown Rio. There are no cars up there, only bikes, and people still keep doors opened. There are beatifull views even from Rio mountais, nice place for taking pictures and some historical points. The ships leave from Praça XV for a very low price and passes under the Rio Niterói bridge.
    Have a nice trip!

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