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Have a Fun-Time Flyboarding in Rio de Janeiro

Credit: Pixabay

Rio de Janeiro is a dream-come-true for thrill-seekers with its latest extreme water sport of flyboarding. Imagine zooming, spinning, or even diving dolphin-like into the waves. If this excites you, then visit Rio and get ready to perform this adrenaline-pumping sport.

Flyboarding is an exciting extreme water sport known as hydro-flying that can propel the adventure-taker to ultimate heights. The sport is quite like air surfing and is attributed to racing driver Frank Zapata. It involves the adventure-seeker to stand on a fly board (quite similar to a wakeboard) that is connected by a hose of around 10 metres to a watercraft. Riders would need to don a pair of boots having jet nozzles underneath. The water is forced under pressure through these nozzles, which provides the necessary thrust to fly. It is said that one can fly up to 49 ft (15 m) in the air or even dive headlong through the water down to around 8 ft (2.5 m).

Flyboarding-seekers can head to Barra da Tijuca in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, which has some of the most attractive beaches like the Grumari and Prainha beaches. Some of the white-sandy beaches are a delight for fly boarders, surfers, bodyboarders, windsurfers and more. Another exciting spot is Coroa Island, which is a tiny paradise island that offers fly boarders the opportunity to enjoy the sport. There are quite a few flyboarding tours, and visitors can choose one of their choice, which includes travel arrangements and meeting a fly boarding-instructor who would brief on how to fly board and explain the equipment used.

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Maria Ortuñez
Hi, I would like do flybording, I am going to be in Rio since 16 to 19. Please send me the information.
Hi Maria Please take a look at the tour you will surely enjoy flyboarding.

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