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What To Do While You Wait For Your Flight

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Waiting at airports is usually the most tedious part of the trip. The hours you spend on your way there waiting for your flight are full of anticipation.

Once you have located the terminal at the airport, boarding gate and have verified that everything is checked, you still have a couple of hours or even more (if you have linked connections with time to spare) to get bored or not.

There are some things to look after while booking and during the flight. But in this case, we will focus on the dead time while waiting to board the plane. Some are more common and others more extraordinary. There are activities that you can do in practically all airports, while others are only available in some terminals in the world.

Entertainment of a lifetime

There are some things that you can do that are already classics and that you can do on your own: a good novel (also an e-reader), magazines or travel guides for your destination are a perfect reading. Some people take the opportunity to watch a movie or series online on their tablets. And let's not forget the music! You can prepare your playlists to travel or related to your destination. So it is better to bring extra batteries or stand near a plug, if you do not want to be disconnected for the rest of the trip.

If you travel accompanied, things are a bit better. There are lots of games to play. With a simple deck of cards you can now, entertain yourself and your companions. If your companions are children, there are play areas set up for them. There are some televisions, sometimes with children's programming or video games. At the Vancouver airport there is an aquarium that will delight children.

In any case, sitting in front of the glass and watching planes take off and land is always fascinating, especially for the little ones.

Also, all airports have internet access these days, so you can surf on the net. Usually the most searched are game platforms with which pass the time. For example, for those who like classic games, they can play the best online casino games, which are legal, of course and who knows, you may end up paying for the whole trip with your winnings. Once casinos offer games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker and you can play the games from your phone or your computer browser, which is a great way to kill time while waiting to board the flight. However, for those who like most the sports they can find also in this kind of websites a section in which bet for their team, it doesn't matter if it's football, basketball or MMA. But, if you want to see the match then you should look for another website.

Do some shopping

If you spend many hours at the airport, you are going to have to eat something. Try, if possible, to find a local restaurant at the terminal to get to know the typical gastronomy.

You can also look around the shops. Maybe you have forgotten something that you can buy at a good price at the Duty Free, treat yourself or take the opportunity to buy a souvenir. Keep in mind that if you have travelled to a country where the currency is the euro, you may still have some change left over and you can spend it there (the coins will not be worth much back home, unless you are a collector).

Although if you are not worried about money, surely there are souvenirs at your level. For example, at the Dubai airport, there are vending machines for gold bars. You can't run out of that much-needed gold bar even though the shops are closed!

Get fit

Don't lose sight of your health either: if your flight involves spending many hours sitting down, you can take advantage of the time you spend at the airport to exercise. If you are a golf fan and you travel to Hong-Kong or Dum Muang – Thailand-, congratulations, because you will be able to practice your favourite sport. In Seoul, for example, you have ice skating rinks. To swim a few lengths, nothing like the Doha airport pool.

Stay fresh

Another possibility involves relaxation and beauty. Don't you want to take advantage of your wait to be more handsome and relaxed this vacation? Or perhaps to be even more handsome and relaxed on the way back? In many airports you have hair salons, massage or nail bar service. Helsinki Airport goes further: it has a spa with sauna and swimming pools for you to relax before your trip. And the Tokyo airport boasts a rather unusual activity: a pure oxygen bar. You can choose it with the essence you prefer (eucalyptus, cinnamon, pine, grape...) and they say that it mitigates the effects of jet lag. And finally, if you pass through the Singapore airport, be sure to try their free massage chairs.


We hope you are inspired now to travel abroad. Or at least, that you don't look with reluctance and panic at the hours you have to spend in an airport waiting for your flight. With a little patience and entertainment, time does fly!

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