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Tips to be safe and sound in Rio

walking at night
Credit: Unsplash
Rio de Janeiro can be the most amazing place in the whole wide world or it can also be the most nightmarish, it depends on how you behave and conduct yourself. The world is gathering in the city to celebrate the Olympic Games, but unfortunately, the miscreants are also gearing up for the same.
Read further to know more about how you can remain safe in this capital city.

1) Do not stay out late

This can be said about any random place around the world, but in Rio you must be extra careful as some of the areas can be seriously dangerous. Also, never visit an ATM in the late hours as thieves may be lurking around.

2) Get Friendly with the locals

Another important and also fun thing that you can do is to get friendly with the locals as they know all the risky places and also how to avoid them.

3) Don’t flaunt your I-phones

I-Phones are expensive in Brazil, so if you don’t want to get mugged keep your phones away from the public. Any professional thief can easily extract it from your pocket without you knowing anything about it.

4) Keep your valuables locked up in your rooms

Take care to keep everything at your hotel rooms and carry only the necessary things outside. Be it an Olympics game or a late-night party, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

5) Get a map

If you are a first time visitor, keep a map of the city always handy as you may land up in unknown territory and the people who suggest directions can be misleading.

For more details about the city of Rio de Janeiro, visit our City information page.

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