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Top Reasons to Explore Rio’s Ilha Grande Island

Ilha Grande Island
Credit: PD Photo

Rio isn’t just known for being home to Christ the Redeemer, but it is the land of colour, exotic culture and samba! The popular beaches and abundant natural scenes in the city make up for an attractive holiday postcard. For hikers  Ilha Grande Island is one of the best places near Rio.

Outdoor Hiking Adventures

There are a total of 13 hike trails all over the island making it a perfect spot to visit for all the outdoor adventure lovers. One can enjoy a hike from Pouso to the stunning Lopes Mendes beach, or if you prefer something more challenging, then try out the trail to the summit of Papagaio Peak (980m or 3215ft tall!) that takes two to three hours.

Ilha Grande
Credit: Viator

Proximity to Rio de Janeiro

The tropical island of Ilha Grande is pretty close to Rio de Janeiro (93.2miles or 150km). Access to the island is through a bus and boat from Conceição de Jacareí so it is best to book a guided tour to avoid any confusion.

Variety in water sports activities

Surrounded by the sea, one of the most popular activities to try out on the island is snorkelling. The clear waters and colourful sea life will make it a tempting choice! You can also enjoy with your partner by taking a 30min-40min kayaking trip from Abraão to Abraãozinho surrounded by nature. Warm weather, cool waters and delicious food; what more does one need on holiday?

Picturesque Beaches to visit

There are plenty of natural scenic spots. Visit the secluded Parnaioca Beach when you take a 3-hour hike through Dios Rios trail or visit Lopes Mendes; one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches or take a boat to Pousa with a 20min hike and it is easier than Parnaioca Beach.

Did we paint you a pretty picture? There’s more to see and all you have to do is just a hire a car and enjoy an exotic Brazilian experience.

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